Zendo Stereo

Music Meditation Journeys

Deep Listening Experiences to Lower Stress,
Sleep Better, Enhance Creativity, Live Fuller.


Zendo Stereo Music Meditation
Deep Listening Experiences to Lower Stress, 
Sleep Better, Enhance Creativity, Live Fuller.

Zendo Stereo Livestream

Live Mix | Deep Calm Reset
Sunday + Tuesday + Thursday 9pm – 10pm PST

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How To Experience
Zendo Stereo At Home

(available as Livestream or pre-recorded on Soundcloud)


Are you ready to unplug and de-stress with Zendo Stereo Music Meditation?
Here is how to get the most from your journey:

• Get your favorite headphones, or use the best sound you have available!
• Find a comfortable place to lay down, use your favorite sleep mask, or dim the lights/add some candles.
• Set an intention for the journey. “Let Go of Something” and “Call Something In”, keep it simple.
• Take deep breaths, slowly count to 6 on the way in, rest 3 seconds, count to 6 on the way out. Repeat.

Once the music starts, the meditation is to notice the music and your feelings, there is no wrong way of doing it. Just call out what you are hearing as it appears, “This is a piano/bass/voice”,  and then notice what feelings it brings up in you.

When thoughts come just acknowledge them just come back to the music. When the music brings up feelings, just ride them, the music moves through it and you move through it with it. These are your feeling, waiting to be felt, the practice is to be with what is, and then allow ourselves to move as the music changes.

It gets easier as you get deeper into the mix.

You will alter your brain from a Beta state to an Alpha state by just listening and being present. You will also touch the deep Theta brainwaves of rest, meditation, insight, and peace.

PS, this works even better if you’re slightly altered, microdose+ your favorite enhancer and you’re set!

Press play, enjoy! Feel free to share this!

Music can produce a response characteristic of relaxation in which autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems are altered. Likewise, it produces desired psychological responses such as reductions in anxiety and fear. Some responses have been linked to effects on the hemispheric functioning of the brain and the limbic system. High psychophysiological stress levels inhibit or block learning. Thus music can be the catalyst to facilitate mental suggestion, and enhance our own learning ability and self-healing capacities.
–Natural Resonance Center

Zendo Stereo Live Experience

Zendo Stereo | Music Meditation / LIVE

What Is Zendo Stereo?

Zendo Stereo is a musical meditation journey, bending time and inner space to explore your hidden potential, conceived and performed by Leo Canneto.
Zendo Stereo is framed as a collective journey to build inner resources. Utilizing music to explore inner landscapes that lead to deeper relaxation and meditative states, enhancing flow, boosting creativity, promoting neurochemical balance and wellness, and recharging yourself to be the best version of you.

Each Zendo Stereo experience is unique, featuring a live “3D Sound Mix” in which the music is manipulated for a one of a kind experience. Using wireless headphones for perfect acoustic placement (there are no bad seats in the house!), sub-bass speakers for full-body sound (we also provide air mats to lay on for comfort and full-body bass!), and sleep masks to block out all visual input, you will be guided thru a 70-minute musical journey that is both deep musical meditation and psychedelic experience.

Where can I Experience Zendo Stereo?

Zendo Stereo can be experienced as a stand-alone ticketed event at various locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Oakland, New York City, and many more cities coming soon.

Another way to experience Zendo Stereo is to bring it to your corporate mindfulness/productivity/team building/flow enhancing offerings.

We are able to bring Zendo Stereo to private events, conscious gatherings, corporate retreats, yoga & meditation studios, and much more.

Please see our calendar for the latest. (Events will resume once it’s safe again. Hopefully sooner than later!)
Contact us directly for booking inquiries.


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