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Zendo Stereo: Deep Calm Music Meditation


November 15 - 08:00 pm


December 29 - 09:00 pm

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Zendo Stereo

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Zendo Stereo, Music Meditation Journeys. Live mixed music as meditation to accelerate and optimize flow states, relaxation, and creativity.

Take a musical deep dive, a musical journey that is both musical meditation and psychedelic experience, bending time and inner space to explore your hidden potential.

Are you ready to unplug a bit and find a way to de-stress? Treat yourself to a Zendo Stereo / Music Meditation at home!


•Best with headphones or a good set of speakers!

• Find a comfortable place to lay down, use your favorite sleep mask, or dim the lights/add some candles.

•Set an intention for the journey. “Let Go of Something” and “Call Something In”, keep it simple.

• As the music starts, take 6 deep breaths, slowly count to 6 on the way in, rest 3 seconds, count to 6 on the way out. Come back to your breathing when your thoughts start to drift away from the music and the present moment

The meditation is to notice the music and your feelings for the next hour, there is no wrong way of doing it. Just call out what you are hearing as it appears, “That piano is interesting”, “I love the way that bass feels”, etc..

When thoughts come just acknowledge them just come back to the music. When the music brings up feelings, just ride them, the music moves through it and you move through it with it. It gets easier as you get deeper into the mix.

You will alter your brain from a Beta state to an Alpha state by just listening. And hopefully touch some deep Theta brainwaves of deep rest, meditation, insight, and peace.

PS, this works even better slightly altered, microdose+ your favorite enhancer and you’re set!



About your Zendo Stereo Facilitator:

Leonardo Canneto is an Argentinean musician, composer, arranger, and music producer. He began his musical career at age 18, after moving to New York from Buenos Aires. He made 5 records over a period of 7 years and did extensive touring as a singer and multi-instrumentalist.

He relocated to Los Angeles in 2002, where he has lived since. He has nurtured a lifelong passion for eastern philosophy, the healing powers of psychedelic medicine, ritual, community, and meditation. He’s been a Vedic meditator since 2007. He is also an active participant in Burning Man culture, creating and leading thriving communities centered around creativity and self-growth.

In Feb 2020 he was invited to speak at an MIT sponsored panel and delivered an insightful presentation on “Consciousness, Altered States, Music and Meditation”

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